Graduate School


An Innovative MBA in Modern Leadership.



Largely Self-directed, not prescriptive in nature, not spoon-fed, and not turned towards the past - heavy on Present and Future management issues.


Our MBA is held in groups with 7 to 9 people that count with the guidance of a tutor, responsible for the development of the group during 18 months. The groups use the Digital Mosaic, which identifies the contents and skills that are being learned and compares them with the MBAs curriculum. Besides the tutor, groups count with a variety of knowledge acquisition forms, such as the weekly brief, case studies, class participation, the hiring of masters and lecturers, and also projects and contents that provoke critical thinking.

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Contents and skills in six verticals:

>  Technical Basics for MBA

>  Research learning

>  Negotiation abilities

>  Socio-emotional competencies

>  New management models

>  New business models


The MBA programs were developed to form highly independent students. Each group and learner can decide how to invest part of their tuition fees with the hiring of masters and lecturers according to their necessities, and they can choose the projects they want to get involved with. The assessment is also based on individual objectives, making the course adaptable to each learner's context and priorities, and transforming the MBA into something that is extremely relevant and personalized to each one.