our mission:

Education that transforms


We propose a new way of  educating and learning, and our methodology is already present in different parts of the world.


Lumiar has been awarded as one of the 12 most innovative schools in the world by Stanford University, Microsoft and UNESCO.


Lumiar Methodology

This unique way of offering the school experience is organized in six pillars: Mosaic Curriculum, Multi-age groups, Active Learning, Tutors and Masters, Participatory Management and Integrated Assessment. They constitute a total and radical transformation of the way of understanding and being in the world.

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We are creating a new way of teaching and learning.

Digital Mosaic is the curricular management system of Lumiar Methodology.  It contains modules for planning, monitoring, documenting, and evaluating the learning processes, which are based on the non-linear curriculum of the methodology. 

Managers, tutors, masters, students, and parents have access to the platform, because all of them are involved in the learning processes. 


Learn more about our methodology, and watch our videos here.



Get involved

Lumiar raises the flag of a new education, but we cannot generate all the needed transformation on our own. Parents, educators and schools that search for a new form of education are our partners, and the collaboration among us assumes various formats. Get involved, because the ne education in born from partnerships. 


Enroll your children

Our public and private schools are present in Sao Paulo, Santo Antônio do Pinhal, Porto Alegre, Rio Preto, Kent (UK), Stowford (UK) and Utrecht (Netherlands).

Become a partner

Lumiar offers partnerships in various formats for those who are interested in creating a new form of education through our platform and methodology. 

Become a Lumiar Master

Our Digital Mosaic platform has a Masters Hub, and you can be part of it. Collaborate with your knowledge, teaching students about your specialty.