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Lumiar International, at Santo Antonio do Pinhal, was inaugurated in 2010.  The various projects were carried out in both Portuguese and English, and they are extremely important for students to learn to validate their own interests as well as those of the group, with the opportunity to create, innovate and act with increasing autonomy in a dynamic and immersive learning process.

In a privileged space, in one of the safest regions to live in the State, the school located in the rural area of Santo Antônio do Pinhal is surrounded by nature, and attends the Infant and Primary cycles I and II (from 2 to 14 years).


"Our decision to live at Mantiqueira was only possible because of the presence of Lumiar International in our lives. Seven years later, the results of our decision are visible in the day to day life with our children, which are growing with awareness of their own abilities and competencies, being open to the world and its possibilities."

- Oskar Kedor

Father of Maya (F1), Konstantin (F2) and Frederik (F3)

"I think Lumiar International is special. It is fun to study here because we can do a lot of different things, such as play, study, and learn a lot. The tutors and masters are always very nice with us."

- Letícia

F1 student


"I really like this school because it’s different. In my old school everyone had to do this or that … here we can also choose what we want to do and I’m learning much more than I had learned before. It’s a lot of fun, we decide things together, everyone together. That’s good because everyone talks about their issues, everyone participates."

- Julia

F2 Student

"Being at Lumiar is to build autonomy! As much for students, as for tutors, teachers and other collaborators. Having the opportunity to work with a methodology that seeks to help people discover their talents and put them in favor of community development is undoubtedly more than rewarding. The location of Lumiar International, in the rural area of Santo Antônio do Pinhal, makes the work even more pleasurable! Pure air, beautiful mountains and good humored people, is what the best this region has to offer. The result is noticeable in our students – cheerful, curious, thoughtful and proactive children!"

- Graziela Lopes

Pedagogical Director and Tutor of F3


Examples of Lumiar International Projects


Zen Kitchen

Taking into consideration the group’s interest by learning techniques for “controlling of mind” and also cooking, students have had the opportunity to perceive, with this project, that culinary practice may be a great channel to work on the present.This state of presence is the main objective of practitioners of diverse meditation techniques. The name Zen Kitchen emerged from this junction: “Kitchen” in a “Zen” way, that is, in full attention! The idea in this bimaster was also studying some peculiarities of the ingredients used (production mode, nutrients, etc).


Races and Games about animals and plants from Mantiqueira

The I2 students (2 and 3 year-olds) learned about plants and animals around the school land through games and challenges. “What is a living and a non-living being? Why?” or “What are the plants and animals we can find here and what are their similarities and differences?” Through tales, videos, drawings and books, the project also aimed to introduce the children to the local history of the place they live at which is The Mantiqueira Mountain Ridge in the state of Sao Paulo, also some typical species and the importance of this environment to the current Brazilian scenario.


The hydroponic

The students showed interest in understanding how the hydroponics work and checking if there are advantages over the conventional process of foods. In order to accomplish that the project aims the building of a hydroponic vegetable garden, just as the further development of basic theoretical knowledge about traditional agriculture and basic botanic.



When the topic is in the student’s interest, it becomes much easier to process the understanding of chemicals. The idea of this project was to understand the relationship between chemical substances produced by the body and human behaviour when we go through different stages of love or passion and, from the study of these molecules, to know the periodic table, the atoms and the chemical bonds. As a final product, the group produced an artistic installation for the science fair composed a Rap for the adrenaline, a Haikai for vasopressin, Serotonin became a story character, the periodic table appeared in animated video and dopamine was the main element of an interactive game. An entire room made of art and science, motivated literally by passion!


Little Rockers

Each music genre covers a wide variety of rhythms and different characteristics. Rock ‘n’ Roll is present in many different cultures and in different ways that have changed from generation to generation, representing many different groups, ideals and movement, becoming one of the most remarkable and popular styles of the world.

By putting up a band together and producing a concert, the students were able to experience the backstage of production of a concert and/or event such as: rehearsal, promotion, organization, music appreciation etc., all of which demand a lot of dedication and discipline among other skills. In addition it was a great opportunity for students to work on their English Language skills on a contextualized way.


Ta-da-ta-da: Super World trave

During this project the students had the opportunity to get to know some places from all around the world, explore its cultures, geographies and arts through images, music and instruments and games. A new adventure for every classes. One of the main goals of this project was to enhance the student’s world view, inviting them to focus on the diversity of culture, nature and human. The I3 group (4 and 5 year-olds) had a great time with elements inspired on these far away places.


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